Every year,there are four seasons for window display props,and sometimes there are additional holiday for window display,that makes 5-6 window display project need to be produced every year.As a window display prop purchaser in Global brand,you can’t just have 1-2 window display supplier to work with.So when you become a window display props purchaser in visual merchandising department,the first thing you need to know is how to choose a better window display suppliers around the world.

Below are some tips i think it is best way to find better window display supplier.

1:You need to find out everything that you could get(google)about this company.Check what kind of product they are selling,the advantage of this supplier,the scale of this company.

2:Check the window display prop or project they had produced before,and which brands they have worked with.This is very important fact to find out whether you should cooperate with this supplier.

3:Visit this window display supplier if possible.Check the sample room,check the quality of props in sample room.Then you will know what kind of quality they gonna make for you.

4Others.Ask the payment term of this window display supplier.Did they charge for sample?Did they have any certifications for window display props.Something like that!